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Zelda DX/Link's Awakening: Story

Link sailed to foreign lands where he disciplined his mind and body. When he felt ready to return to Hyrule, he bought a small sailboat and headed across the Great Hyrulean Sea. The journey ended in a storm that crushed and sank Link's ship.

Clinging to a piece of flotsam, out hero floated toward a mysterious tropical shore, unconscious and barely alive.

When Link washed up on the beach of Koholint Island, he had no energy to stand or cry for help. Through half-closed eyes, he gazed out on a tropical forest with a tall volcano rising in the distance, and he thought it was odd that the volcano was topped by a giant, spotted egg.

At one point, it seemed to him that Zelda was speaking to him and that he was in a soft bed. At times, he thought he was caught in a bizarre dream.

Indeed, Link awoke in a soft bed, but the young woman who tended him was not Zelda, but Marin. She had found him and brought him home to heal. From Tarin, Marin's father, he learned that evil creatures had appeared shortly after his arrival. Then, when Link returned to the beach to retrieve his sword, an owl flapped down beside him and told him the strangest story he'd ever heard. According to the wise old bird, Link was the hero who had come to wake the Wind Fish, and he couldn't leave until that task had been done. In the adventures that followed, Link learned that Koholint Island existed only in the dreams of the Wind Fish... and he was a part of that dream.

According to a wise old Owl, Link had to collect 8 Instrument of the Sirens from the Nightmares. Link collected the Cello from the Tail Cave, The Conch Horn from the Bottle Grotto, the Sea Lily Bell from the Key Cavern, the Surf Harp from Angler's Cave, the Marimba from Catfish's Maw, the Coral Triangle from the Face Shrine, the Organ of Evening Calm from the Eagle's Tower, and the Thunder Drum from Turtle Rock. And so began another Legend of Zelda....

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